FSCP® (Financial Services Certified Professional®)


The FSCP® designation offers product and skills training as the foundation for career-long learning. The content available in this program of study includes: prospecting, business insurance, meeting client needs, exploring personal markets, product training, and more.  

Educational Requirements:

To earn the FSCP® designation, candidates must complete 5 electives, Ethics for the Financial Services Professional course, the Certification Course (live webinar), and the designation exam. Designees must also abide by The American College's Code of Ethics.




Must adhere to the The American College’s Code of Ethics, which includes the following professional pledge: “I shall, in light of all conditions surrounding those I serve, which I shall make every conscientious effort to ascertain and understand, render that service which, in the same circumstances, I would apply to myself.”


Successful completion of an elective course requires meeting requirements in the areas of attendance, final examination, and term grade, as described below. Grades are stated only as “pass” or “non-pass.”
Attendance:You may be absent for no more than two regularly scheduled classes.
Moderator’s grade: This is an average of the grades earned by the student for class participation, written assignments, sales planning projects, and action projects.
Final exam:To be eligible to take the final exam, you must meet the attendance requirements, as well as receive a pass for the moderator’s grade.
Course grade:Students who pass the final exam will receive a “Pass” grade for the course. Students who do not pass or take the final exam will receive a “Non-pass” grade for the course.
Please note:All FSCP® courses, whether taken in the classroom or online, only qualify for self-study CE. (Texas and Utah students should take special note).
The required ethics course is a self-study course that concludes with a proctered online examination. For all elective and ethics classes, students will take proctored online exams, except for students licensed in New York, who take paper exams administered by their registered proctor. If you fail a final exam, but have met all other course requirements, you may request a re-examination.
Certification Course
The certification course is an 8-week live webinar. The final Certification Examination is administered at an EOD® testing center. All students eligible to take the final exam will receive an EOD® (Examination on Demand) ticket by email.

Continuing Education:

30 hours of continuing education (including 1 ethics) credits every two years.


Designation may be removed for unethical conduct through the certification committee of The American College’s Board of Trustees.


The American College has the highest level of educational accreditation—regional accreditation—through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

File a Complaint about a Designee:

You may file a complaint in writing to: The Registrar; The American College; 270 S. Bryn Mawr Ave; Bryn Mawr, PA, 19010 or by emailing

Issuing Institution:

The American College, an accredited non-profit educational institution with an 84-year heritage, confers the FSCP™. The American College has a full-time faculty of industry experts and is the leading educator of financial professionals in the United States.

Note: The American College is providing this information as a public service. It is correct to the best of our knowledge, but we neither guarantee its accuracy nor endorse any credentials for which we are not responsible as a credentialing organization.

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